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Construction Contractors


Click HERE if you are a construction contractor and wish to view a list of insurance agencies who may be able to help you find insurance coverage. 

When you've finished reviewing the results, please consider completing our Feedback Survey and suggest changes for the site in the future.

This Oregon Market Assistance Plan (MAP), under the auspices of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS), is provided to help construction contractors who are having trouble getting liability insurance.


Under state law, a MAP can be formed when liability insurance becomes unavailable or is difficult to find. Creation of this MAP does not guarantee that every contractor will be able to get liability insurance and may not reduce the price of the insurance. This MAP serves only as a clearinghouse for participating agencies to provide quotes for coverage to contractors.

We welcome your participation!


-Scott L. Harra, Acting Insurance Commissioner
-Teresa Miller, Insurance Division Administrator

Insurance Agencies

Log-in HERE if you are an insurance agency and wish to receive calls from construction contractors about providing insurance coverage .